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The Medical Question Bank – A Medical Education Revolution!

by Dan
Medical Question bank

A question bank is a term for a compilation of exercises and studies relating to the same field of study or work. Question banks can be used to collaborate and brainstorm on exercises amongst colleagues. They can even be used for collaboration with colleagues in diverse institutions, this is done to improve quality and save time. A typical question bank can be used to create a store, share, test, label, and reuse exercises and or case studies. In addition to these, theoretical assignments can be crafted out by using blueprints that rhyme with the study goals of the curriculum using a question bank.

Practice your medical knowledge

Generally, question banks are used for composing examination questions faster and more easily by remodelling existing exercises, for storage of questions from a given subject in a folder, for the alignment of exercises with the study goals of a curriculum for a broader understanding of concepts, for the verification of exercises by allowing users to share feedback and the automatic generation of assignments based on evidence provided. 

In the medical field, question banks are frequently used by academic doctors, students and even practising doctors. The frequent use of medical question banks is because of the vastness of the field and the sizes of study materials. Although a typical medical textbook is well-stacked with theoretical medical information, it may still be lacking in concrete practical explanations and citations. The study of medicine involves more practical detail than theory which is why authors of medical question banks continuously research lots of relevant practical questions and answers to provide for medical students.

Authors of medical question banks always extensively ensure that the resources provided are of the highest quality and relevant for the students who subscribe to gain access to the materials. The possible contents of the question banks include recent exam themes, which are aligned to recent curriculum, and written at the recommended difficulty level as well.

Over 210,000 doctors all over the world have confirmed that they have used medical question banks once or twice in their medical careers. The fact remains that most of our subscriptions to a specific medical question bank, come from recommendations by past users. Hence, quality medical question banks are a testament to the quality and relevance of the resources they offer.

A survey was carried out by a lot of physicians across the globe, the respondents reported; thus, 52 percent of doctors acknowledged the use of medical question banks online, while 40 percent agreed that they used the printed versions of these medical question banks. Textbooks were recorded as the only study material used more widely than online medical question banks with a whooping acceptance by 56 percent of the respondents. However, internal medicine question banks were generally considered the most effective study materials. Approximately 70 percent of online question bank users ranked them “highly effective,” with a slight edge for online medical question banks over the print versions.

Pass your exams

Now that question banks have been generally established as a core study tool for students in the medical field, students need to know how to identify the most relevant medical question bank available, to avoid spending on one that is not worth their money. With the recants shift towards commercial resources (such as medical question banks), medical schools need to take seriously the task of ensuring equitable access to the highest quality and most relevant resources across age, gender, and discipline.

The appropriate governing bodies have begun inspecting the material made available on a medical question bank. Resource providers that passed the inspection are then authorized to commercially offer their services for a fee.  One such medical study resource provider is the QUPI medical question bank. QUPI exists to solve students’ problems by making it a lot easier to practice medical knowledge. QUPI medical question bank assists students to emphasize the most relevant areas of their study.

The resources provided on QUPI are explained in the flattest terms to assist even the weakest students and guarantee them good grades on their college and professional examinations. QUPI is not just a medical question bank for students – we are leading a global revolution in medical education. Our goal is to offer online medical resources for medical students to help boost the number of doctors in our communities.

Medical question banks are the most popular revision tools and the most widely used e-learning resource in the medical field. The widespread use of question banks in the medical field demonstrates two main points. The first is that they are effective, then the availability of these question banks have been considered before the mass adoption. QUPI medical question bank rightly demonstrates these points.

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