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Montessori Vs. Traditional Preschool; Which Is The Better Choice For Kids?

by Dan
Montessori Vs. Traditional Preschool

In this rapidly progressing era, parents are excessively possessive of their children’s education. Just after the birth of a child, parents become deliberate in choosing a preschool for them.

However, at this point, they always feel they need clarification about picking up one between montessori preschool and traditional preschool. Therefore, this article will be very intriguing for those baffled parents who are fastened between these two types of preschools.

About Montessori Method

In 1907, Dr. Maria Montessori first inaugurated a unique mode of kids’ education, named the ‘Montessori method.’ This complete method merely focuses on small kids of 3 to 5 ages.

The technique of the Montessori method is to encourage innocent children to learn through games and tricks. They have highly required an organized environment with special care. They are taught to take their upkeep. Even they are trained to take care of their requirements and belongings.

About Traditional Preschool

Apart from montessori preschools, there are also some preschools where the children are taught only by the teachers. There is no exaggeration of games or any other activities. The teachers actively guide the students in learning. There are formal classrooms where teachers should help teach their students with a board, books, and chalk.

Montessori VS. Traditional School

Apart from Montessori, some prefer to get their children admission into traditional schools. There is always a cold war between these two kinds of schools.

·         Montessori is children-focused whereas traditional preschools are teacher-based: The significant difference between Montessori and traditional preschools is that in Montessori preschools, the children are allowed to do activities at their rhythm. In Montessori preschools, the children get complete freedom. Though the teachers observe everything minutely, kids can choose the play or study materials as per their wish.

Whereas in traditional preschools, the teacher regulates all the activities. The teachers have specific limitations to the movements of every child. The teachers themselves involve in every single activity. They instruct the children on what to do or what not to do. 

·         Montessori is study-based, whereas traditional preschools are game-based: In Montessori schools, each classroom is loaded with materials that help study. To educate the kids, they arrange various materials. Attracted by the materials, the children can involve in the study all the time within the classroom.

But in traditional preschools, the children used to play with toys. The toys could be more beneficial to increase their attention towards study. They solve puzzles, assemble blocks and make fun with music.

·         Montessori has sober classrooms, whereas traditional preschools have colorful classrooms: In Montessori preschools, the classrooms are created by thinking of the kids’ mental and physical health. The entire classroom is classified into diverse sections from practical life to the educational zone. The colors are eye-soothing.

The classrooms of traditional preschools are pretty different from Montessori. These classrooms are brighter in color and decorated with dolls, toys, and games-related materials. As the classrooms are thought to be the perfect place for children’s playing, therefore the classrooms are more colorful than Montessori classrooms.


Both preschools have different visions. Now it’s up to the parents choose whether they prefer to choose a montessori preschool or a traditional preschool. In the end, the parent’s guidance at home is essential for a kid to grow up well.  

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